Network Vulnerability Analyzer (NVA) allows users of the Nessus scanner to combine multiple .nessus files into Composite Scans.

Scans can be composed of .nessus files that are produced from multiple scanner runs.
Fulfilling the needs of an organization to run scans on numerous devices can be very time consuming.
Composite Scans allow an organization to scan subsets of all their devices and start the analysis immediately, while the rest of the devices continue to be scanned.
Each .nessus file produced by scanning a subset of devices can be later added to the Composite Scan.

NVA allows individual Composite Scans to be analyzed and compared.
Scan comparison allows an organization to determine and prove whether security measures are implemented promptly and efficiently, resulting in reducing the number of vulnerabilities.

Reports can be analyzed in tabular and graphic format and can also be exported to various file formats (.xls, .csv, .xml) for further analysis.

To get a quick idea of whether the NVA would benefit your company's needs, create a Demo Account.
This gives you 15 days to play around with the tool and get familiar with its capabilities.
Demo Accounts provide example Composite Scans, Scan Comparisons, an Admin and non-Admin user.
Demo Accounts are Read-Only.

The content of the .nessuss files is encrypted on load, and resides encrypted in our DB which is running in the Amazon Cloud.

Licensing is based on the number of users that can access NVA at the same time.
There is no limit on the number of devices being scanned.

Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions are available.

Subscription can be canceled at any time and a prorated refund will be issued for the unused portion.

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